Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eco-Chic Baby 75% Off Sale

I just wanted to let you all know about a going out of business sale that The Eco-Chic Baby store is having. I just bought a beautiful Käthe Kruse Nicki Baby in Violet and a SmartMom pink cupcake teething bling bracelet there for 75% off! I saved a total of $43.27!!

The Käthe Kruse Nicki Baby is a soft doll in one piece sleeper suit and colorful pointed cap. It is made in Germany and is super cute! Teela was looking at pictures of it on their website and saying dolly over and over again. I am buying it for her as an early Birthday present (her Birthday is on April 15th) and I think she is going to love it! I think I bought the last violet one they had because a few minutes after I purchased, it says it is now out of stock.

The SmartMom Teething Bling Bracelet in pink cupcake is for me. I am a sucker for teething jewelry and even though Teela won't have an interest in chewing on it anymore it is perfect for her also to play dress up with. She loves playing dress up and the safer it is for her to play with the safer I feel about her having it. It is safe for her because it doesn't have small parts that she might choke on if she were to put it in her mouth and the material it is made from is safe also.

If you want to save 75% off in their shop you better hurry! Things are going quick and they are shutting down their shop in less than 2 weeks! Just type in the code: closeout and you can get the savings I did.

They are both shipping from Canada and I hope they arrive here safely. I will update this post when I get them.


Melody said...

I kinda want to buy a giraffe doll like Teela has, but I don't know who I would give it to...if I bought it for my future kid it might be sitting around for a is a good deal, though

Finamoon said...

Yep...and the deals are going fast!!