Monday, July 6, 2009

OHSU New Emergency Room for Kids Only

A while back Tatiana was at the ER at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon and they were filming for the new emergency room for kids that had just opened. We had been brought back to the new wing and were waiting for a room to open up. They asked me if it was alright to film her and I said sure. I signed a waiver and they started filming. She was there at the ER because she is medically involved and like many times before she had an episode of throwing up which we could not explain.

It was interesting because they made the ER for kids ocean themed and my husband, Brain, and I love dolphins and whales :) It was as if it was made just for us because Tatiana has been in a out of the ER so much. They have neat jelly fish lights hanging from the ceiling above the big check in desk, a sea creature on the floors outside each room, waves on the doors of the rooms, and other sea decor.

I was wondering when I was ever going to see the footage of what they shot when I ran across it today. Go to the link here and click on the image to begin the tour. Here are some clipped images from the video. If you don't know, Tatiana is my daughter with very red hair and she is the very first little kid you see in the video :) I am also in the video in my brown jacket. You can see me in the third picture standing at the foot of Tatiana's hospital bed.

While you are there you can also register to receive a free gift from the hospital. Gift includes a Portland Aerial Tram ticket, sidewalk chalk and a Doernbecher eco-backpack!

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EllyBean said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I haven't been to this wing.