Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just read the article on ParentsConnect about Momfinitions. Seems like Mr. Webster left out some pretty important parenting terms. Here are five of mine with a picture of Jaedan when he was a baby in a snuggabuggy :)

1. Squiggle Noodles = Ramen Noodles. Example: Squiggle noodles, the perfect quick easy meal for every mom! We have these a lot at my house when I am just too tired to cook anything else.

2. Snuggabuggy = A stroller/carseat with a baby wrapped up in a blanket in it. Example: We took the snuggabuggy out for a stroll. Either a blanket or a baby bunting on a chilly day outside, my baby is always snuggled comfortably in something.

3. Boobiemilk = Milk made by mom. Example: The baby sucked on the boobiemilk until she was full. Boobiemilk is what my littlest calls my breastmilk now. I love to bond with my babies!

4. Scallywagtike = A little one who is playfully mischievous. Example: The scallywagtike was pulling on sister's hair. My Teela is a scallywagtike for sure! She steals Tatiana's pretzels when Tatiana hasn't the foggiest what Teela has done.

5. Mominator = A mother that terminates germs, chores, and bad behavior. Example: The Mominator took one look at the icky noses the children had and got out the Boogie Wipes. Sometimes I have days like this...where everything must be spic and span clean and bad behavior cannot and will not be tolerated! Then I become the Mominator. My kids gave me the nickname :)

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