Thursday, July 30, 2009

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Review

Because I am a member of BzzAgent I received word of a BzzCampaign for CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain. I had never tried this product so I applied and received color number 415, Teasing Blush, in the mail.

This product from CoverGirl has a marker or pen applicator for your lips unlike regular tube lipsticks. It is water based so it shouldn't dry out your lips and doesn't feel heavy or look thick. It is supposed to last far longer than regular lipstick and isn't supposed to kiss or rub off onto anything. No leaving color on your teeth or cup.

Well, I was told that exfoliating your lips before using this product works better so you have more of an even application. It says to apply it to clean, dry lips. There are several methods I know to exfoliate lips. You could: use petroleum jelly and a wet washcloth, softly rub with a sugar scrub, manually exfoliate with a very soft toothbrush, or use a micro-exfoliating scrub made especially for the lips. When exfoliating lips it is best to start slow, rub gently, and then moisturize.

It was pretty simple to apply it correctly so it goes on smoothly. When using the Outlast Lipstain I found that putting a gloss over it made it shimmer instead of look flat. After drying fully (this does take some time and patience) it does seem to stay put. Although I had a bit of trouble with it if I licked my lips. If you lick your lips they have a raspberry-vanilla scent and flavor so they don't taste horrible. I have heard the applicator dries out easily and quickly, but if you store it like a pen or marker should be stored, tip down, then that problem should be solved.

All in all I liked the product and after thoroughly drying it stayed on for roughly 4 hours. I personally like to put a gloss or lip balm over it because it wasn't as moisturizing as I would have liked. It's suggested retail is $7.29 for one lipstain and they come in other colors that will compliment your skin tone.

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Tamara B. said...

Excellent review! I have been wanting to try this but was a little afraid if it worked.