Friday, November 20, 2009

The Mommy Cover Review

The Mommy Cover is a wonderful invention that is unique to any breastfeeding / nursing cover I have seen because it has a retractable reel system that attaches around your back so that it is more secure and won't flip up and embarrass you while your little one is moving around under it. It also has a rigid, but flexible neckline so that it makes a kind of half circle around the baby. You can peek in on your little one while they are nursing without disturbing them. Even with the rigid neck line it easily rolls or folds up to be put away after use. The soft silky neck strap is very comfortable and can be adjusted to the right cover height with the buckle. The tail of the neck strap can be tucked into the cover so that baby can play with it. I found this better than Teela playing with my hair. It is extremely fashionable and comes in all kinds of stylish patterns which are reversible and 100% cotton. At 35" wide by 21" long The Mommy Cover will help you keep modest when nursing in public. They are very easy to put on and stay on to keep you and baby covered. You can wear it two different ways too...under both arms or over just one shoulder. HERE are the instructions of how to wear it. Made in the USA.

I received a Camou Girly with the reverse in Hot Dot Pink and Black from Joia Products and Mommy PR for free to try out and review and I love it so much better than the receiving blanket I was using. Now instead of always having to constantly fix the cover because of a fidgety little one and be frustrated, I can relax and enjoy the time I have breastfeeding and bonding with my youngest.

I also love the Mommy Cover in Salsa Stripe with Posh Paisley Teal reverse. The pattern reminds me of a cabana on the beach.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free from Joia Products and Mommy PR to try out and review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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