Saturday, September 19, 2009

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, me Mateys! 'Tis day be international speak like a scurvy pirate day so in celebration I have decided t'message some pictures 'o me cabin Jim laddies in scurvy pirate garb :) Avast Ye! Better take a look or I'll have ye walk th' plank or better yet scrub th' poop deck! Arrrrrrr!

Aye, so 'tis day don't be landlubbers! Get ye sea peglegs 'n be ye sea folk. Come on the account to sail th' seven seas 'n celebrate wit' me 'n me trusty parrot.

Shiver me timbers! I almost forgot, thar be treasure in 'tis here blog so before ye leave, comment here 'n on me giveaway messages fer free lovely booty if ye be th' lucky ones to stay clear 'o Davy Jones' locker.


Erin said...

The outfits you have the boys are just too cute! Love it!

Finamoon said...

I found me boys fightin' up on th' top bunk 'o their bunk bed wearin' these scurvy pirate outfits. They were fightin' so nicely I had to take a picture.

Th' second picture be 'o Jaedan, me youngest cabin jim laddie at a Halloween parrrty.

By th' way use 'tis it be fun!...

justicecw said...

Adorable pictures!