Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cozi $500 PTA/PTO School Sponsorship

How Would You Like to WIN $500 for Your School?

In honor of our kids heading back to school, Cozi will sponsor the PTA/PTO’s of three North American grade schools for $500! Yours could be one of them! Anyone can enter. Here’s how:

1. Ask all your friends and school contacts to become fans of Cozi on Facebook
2. Have them leave a comment HERE on the fan page stating the name, city and state of your school

That’s it!

(PLEASE be sure to leave the comment in the comments section, not as a separate wall post, so they can keep track!)

The more entries your school gets, the greater its chances of winning! Just imagine what your school PTA/PTO could do with an extra five hundred bucks!

Each entry counts once, and they will choose three winners at random.

The opportunity lasts just two weeks and now there are ONLY EIGHT MORE DAYS TO ENTER AND WIN, so SHARE this post on your own Facebook page and ask your friends to pile on the entries for YOUR school right now. Good luck to all our schools!

NOTE: You may enter only ONCE for each school represented by the kids in your family. (For example, if you have one kid in middle school and two in high school, you may enter twice - once for each school)

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