Thursday, September 10, 2009

bTrendie Review

bTrendie is an exclusive shopping network where moms and moms-to-be can shop for fabulous products (most are name brands, designer brands, brands that aren't in stores yet, and brands you don't see often or at all in the USA) at amazing prices (up to 60% off!). There is stuff for mom, home, and baby on bTrendie. Sometimes they even hold great giveaways!

In August I purchased a Cloud B Dozy Dolphin On The Go for my daughter, Teela, from bTrendie at a wonderful 40% off the retail! I thought it was a sweet deal then, but I had to pay they are having a Cloud B event that gets you the same 40% off as I did, but with FREE SHIPPING! I guess for me it just goes to show that the saying early bird gets the worm isn't always true, but the saying will be true for you!

Right now they have other Cloud B products listed other than the dolphin too...all at 40% off with free shipping. They also have a trendy designer handbags event going on now. Both events close September 13th at 12pm EST. After that they will have other events starting up with other fabulous deals!

Don't miss out! Go get some trendy mom and mom-to-be products at the exclusive shopping club bTrendie!

There's absolutely no catch -- membership is free. But, since membership is by invitation-only, consider yourself invited! Use the invitation link to get into the site.

Hurry and check it out for yourself!

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EllyBean said...

Thanks for sharing this Crystal. I love this picture of Teela and her dolpin!