Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Green Bee Review

Happy Green Bee is an organic kids clothing store. They have bright colors and their clothing looks wonderfully fun and comfortable to be in. They make their clothes from organic cotton and use non-toxic dyes and no chemical bleaches or finishers. Organic cotton does not contain any harmful residues or pollutants left behind from toxins and is better for sensitive skin. Fabric made from organic cotton is softer, breaths better, and lasts longer than regular cotton. They also have accessories like hats, tights, and socks and gifts such as dolls, blankets, and the Mom's on the Go Kit. You can become a fan of Happy Green Bee on Facebook.

Happy Green Bee was good enough to let me try out the new Mom's on the Go Kit. It has 6 products and a book that is printed on recycled paper all in a convenient see through zippered case.

The book that is called "Giggles, Riddles, and Rhymes To Read Out Loud" is delightful! It has pictures throughout its pages of kids and infants in Happy Green Bee clothing and sweet poetry...most of which I haven't heard of. Also, because the book was placed in the case with the products it smells of wonderful herbs and essences.

My son, Jaedan, shown here is holding the tooth fairy tin that also came in the kit. He recently lost three I thought it would be appropriate to give him the tin to hold them :)

The herbal room spray uses all natural essential oils of pine, peppermint, lavender, and lemon that are both anti-bacterial and non-toxic. It helps freshen a room and soothes baby. At first I thought that all those essential oils put together wouldn't have a pleasant smell, but I really liked it and my daughters, Teela and Tatiana, did too when I sprayed it in their room.

The calendula oil is organically made and is an infusion with sweet almond, sesame, and olive oil. It also has lavender essential oil to calm baby when used. I used it on Teela after a bath and boy did she love the baby massage I gave her with it.

The laundry liquid in the kit is non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly so you don't have to worry about it harming your skin, septic system, or the environment. It is made from renewable plant based ingredients including corn, coconut, and palm oil. It made my whole laundry room smell wonderful when I washed a load of clothing with it and it got them clean and smelling fresh.

The all natural diaper ointment that comes in the kit is not only for baby's bottom. I was told by Mari Sullivan of HGB Marketing that she uses it for dry skin and to treat fly away hair. It has organic comfrey infused with olive, pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel oils along with vitamin E and lavender oil. Comfrey contains allantoin, that speeds up the natural replacement of body cells so this ointment is perfect for putting on a number of different kinds of owies.

Last, but not least is an apple tree growing kit. It contains a peat pellet, fine gravel, Common Apple seeds, and instructions on how to grow it from seed. What a wonderful addition to the kit this is because an apple tree will produce yummy fruit for years to come!

I have some favorites from their shop! I love the Watermelon Sky color for everything especially the Petal Dress, A-Line Sundress, Chemise, Skort, Reversible Hoodie, Stripey Leggings, Girls Sport Suit, Abbee and Amber Doll, Tights. I also like the Muffin Hat (just wish the Muffin Hat came in more colors than just Radish). I also love the Blueberry/Sky color.

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