Monday, March 16, 2009

My Manga Family

Here is from left to right...My husband: Brian a.k.a. Afalina, My oldest son (who is currently 8): Delbin a.k.a. squeaker, Me a.k.a. Crystal or Finamoon, My oldest daughter (who is currently 5): Tatiana a.k.a. Tati or Boo, My youngest daughter (who is currently 11 months): Teela a.k.a. Tee or Na, My youngest son (who is currently 6): Jaedan a.k.a. Bug.

I had fun making this of my family. I had to improvise a little bit because they didn't have any really young kids to work with in the program I was using called Face Your Manga. I used the collage feature on Picasa to do this picture.

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