Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PakNak Charms Giveaway Winners

I am a little late at posting this because my daughter, Tatiana, was in the hospital to get a portacath placed so they can take her blood easier for sodium levels. I was there with her and I realized that my laptop that I had with me didn't have a screen capture application on it and I didn't have permission to add is actually my husband's laptop. I want to thank everyone who commented and let you know that I will hold other contests on this if you didn't win this time by all means subscribe if you haven't already so that you can keep tabs on when the next contest will be. Anyway, without further ado the winners are: gahome2mom, YZgirl4, and EllyBean!! I will be contacting you each by email.

1 comment:

gahome2mom said...

Hi, Thanks for the contest and congratulations all the winners.

I am sorry your lil' one has to keep going to the hospital. I bet she is a trooper. Thinking of you all. :)