Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch and Keeping Portland Lost Corn MAiZE in Sauvie Island Oregon

 Welcome Sign for The Pumpkin Patch and The Corn Maize
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We've been to The Pumpkin Patch and The Corn Maize before at Sauvie Island in Oregon, but it had been more than a few years. I recall the last time we went we still had our daughter, Tatiana, with us and Zari hadn't been born yet. I definitely thought it was high time we visited again. We sure needed a break from our super busy lifestyle that we have been having and this was just the ticket! We went as a family again on Saturday October 12th. This was Zari's first visit and since Teela was just a baby when we first went she didn't remember much about her first time there.

It's muddy! Bring boots!
I admit I really hadn't been in a corn maze before. The last time we came Tatiana was stroller bound so I stayed with the little ones while my husband and my boys went through. I did remember that there was a lot of mud, so this time I came prepared with my Safeway rain boots. We also weren't sure what the weather was going to do so we brought warm jackets, scarves and gloves. While we were there it actually was super nice and didn't end up raining on us at all. It had rained previously, however; so it was very muddy like I suspected.

There are a number of places you can pose to get pictures. I love sunflowers, so I had to have my girls pose in this cutout that was under a nice covered picnic table area behind the ticket booth where you would pay for The Corn MAiZE. You can see parts of the corn stalks from the maze in the background. There are also helpful guides that you can take to help you through the maze. They have a lot of different ones you can choose from and they have different trivia questions on them you need to answer correctly at each numbered marker in order to go the right way.

Lost in The Corn MAiZE
My girls and I went through The Corn Maize together, but we got lost and couldn't find our way to the exit even with the trivia card we had. So we just tracked our way back through the entrance. My boys got all the way to the end in no time at all...I chalk it up to more experience. We did have fun winding our way through some of it though.

Keeping Portland Lost Corn MAiZE 2013

Hay ride to The Pumpkin Patch
We got on the free hay ride next. They have signs posted to follow to have a safe trip. We had a fun bumpy ride all the way there and I held on tight to my littles so they wouldn't fall off. The hay bales were a little damp that we sat on so maybe next time I will bring something to lay under us.
Delbin with his pumpkin he picked at The Pumpkin Patch
I let both my boys pick pumpkins at The Pumpkin Patch. You get a slight discount if you pick one there instead of at the store or market. Make sure to look at the skin and stem thoroughly when picking. You don't want to come home with one that is going to mold right away or has mushy spots. Pick one with good coloration too.

After the hay ride the boys brought back perfect pumpkins :)
My boys posing with their pumpkins and my husband being silly :)

Big Red Animal Barn
Next we went to the Big Red Animal Barn where they had an assortment of farm animals to look at. We especially loved the llama, cow, goat, and sheep that were there. Zari wanted to pet them all.

Teela and Delbin riding on the cow train.
Jaedan riding the cow train.
We waited in line for the cow train and I wasn't sure whether these were also included in our package. I asked if the bloggers got free cow train rides too and they said yes, so off we went on our ride. I held Zari in my lap, Jaedan got a slightly smaller cow all to himself, and Delbin and Teela shared one. I think they gave us an extra long ride because they knew I was blogging about it :) We had a lot of fun on the ride and really it is worth the actual price.

They have some really big pumpkins there too.
There is also a hay climbing pyramid that the kids had fun climbing on, but I didn't get pictures of them doing that this time. As we were leaving Jaedan had to get his picture with one of the large pumpkins at the outdoor market.

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