Monday, October 14, 2013

Fandex Family Field Guide Review and Educents Deal

We received products free from Educents and Workman Publishing Company to facilitate this review.

Right now Educents is having a deal for two different Fandex Family Field Guide Bundles. You can choose the Nature Bundle to learn about Bugs, Butterflies, and Trees or the History Bundle with facts about Dinosaurs, Mummies and Mythology. Or you can choose both! Each bundle is only $21.90! Original price was $32.85. That is a savings of $10.95!

Have knowledge at your fingertips! Each Fandex has 50 cards for different things linked together with a small button at the bottom corner and they look very much like a fan when opened out to see the cards, hence the name "Fandex". The science ones are great for hikes, wildlife trails, nature walks, and field excursions. The history ones are great for learning interesting things about the past.

The Bugs Fandex features die-cut-full-color photos of the insect, spider or other arthropod on the tops of the cards. Below this is scientific name, common name, habitat, detailed description, lore, field notes on life cycle, identifiers, and size, along with side notes that are highlighted. Great for going on a bug expedition or the budding entomologist in your family!

The Butterflies Fandex features die-cut-full-color photos of the butterflies on the tops of the cards. Below this is life cycle, diet, habitat, gender variations, and the secrets of butterfly survival: camouflage, poison, and mimicry. Each card has the scientific name, range, plants used for laying eggs and drinking nectar, migration and mating habits, and how to recognize the species in its caterpillar, pupa, and adult stages. Great for learning about metamorphosis too!

The Trees Fandex features die-cut full-color photos of the leaf and bark of the featured tree on the tops of the cards. Below this is general information about the tree, keys to identification, height, shape, habitat, range, Latin name, life cycle, and more. Has identification by leaf, bark, and seed and information on the tree's place in history and culture. Great for exploring trees in your forests, neighborhood, or own backyard!

The Dinosaurs Fandex features die-cut full-color photos of the dinosaurs on the tops of the cards. Below this is name, meaning of name, age, home, size, diet, and lifestyle. This deck also includes key paleontologists, fossil-finding methods and a glossary. Great for Dino lovers everywhere!

The Mummies Fandex features die-cut-full-color photos of the Pharaohs, pyramids, gods and goddesses, mummies, hieroglyphs and other Egyptian things. Great for future archeologists and Egyptologists!

The Mythology Fandex features die-cut-full-color photos of the ancient Greek and Roman Gods, heroes, monsters and nymphs. Each entry is illustrated with a rich selection of images drawn from statuary, painting, pottery, frescoes and mosaics, and includes the subject's lineage, personality and symbol.

These are all great for homeschooling. Even though they are made of sturdy coated card stock I am worried that the die-cut tops are going to get all bent up after use. These are still awesome field guides though because of how much great information they pack into these! I will definitely be using them for my boys study.

Go get this deal at Educents now and save up to 33%! Click on the Educents button below and find the Fandex deal! Hurry! It is only here for a limited time!

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