Monday, October 7, 2013

American Girl Bitty Baby House Party

We received products free from American Girl and House Party to facilitate this House Party and review.

My daughter Zari turns 3 years old on the 19th of October. I was fortunate enough to win a spot as a host for a American Girl Bitty Baby House Party. The Party was set by House Party to be on October 5th. I thought this to be fortuitous. The party day and her actual birthday were so close in dates. She was so thrilled when she opened her gifts from American Girl and House Party.

Exclusive American Girl Bitty Baby Party Pack
The party pack looked like so much fun! So many neat things were included. All the activities we did at the party were big hits!

Host Gifts
For me (the host):
Guest Gifts
For our guests:
  • 15 American Girl $10 off coupons
  • 15 Variety packs of Bitty Baby coloring sheets (45 sheets total)
  • 15 Bitty Baby Wish Stars and 15 decorative sticker sheets
  • 15 Bitty Baby puzzles
  • 15 Bitty Baby bookmarks
  • 15 American Girl bags
  • 15 Tip sheets for Moms 
  • 15 Keepsake illustrations and frames
Party favors and goodies: (sparkling pink lemonade, sandwiches, and sugar cookies)
Jaedan and I made sparkling (lemon-lime soda mixed) pink lemonade with real lemons and flower shaped ice cubes, heart shaped sandwiches, and homemade garden sugar cookies.

Zari's and Bitty Baby's first meeting

The all new American Girl Bitty Baby doll is a lovely 15" tall baby dolly that has a soft huggable cloth body with head and limbs of smooth vinyl. The eyes open when upright and close when put to bed. We picked a Bitty Baby with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin because dark haired baby dolls are hard to find. It came with a white sleeper with scattered pink stars and a mock-wrap neckline trimmed with a ribbon ruffle, a soft cloth diaper, a hardcover Bitty Baby and Me picture book, and a sparkly wishing star that is just like the one from her book. We loved the Bitty Baby and Zari named her Maple because the dark brown color of her eyes reminded her of dark colored maple syrup.

Zari with the picture book that came with the doll.
These picture books that either come with Bitty Baby or you buy separately are beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Sue Cornelison. The stories are written by Newbery Honor winner Kirby Larson to inspire girls to get over fears and struggles by problem solving. Each book includes a "For Parents" section that provides insight and tips that have to do with the story. I read the stories to the girls at the party.

Lemonade and sugar cookies with Bitty Baby
Zari and Teela loved their sparkling pink lemonade (lemon-lime soda and pink lemonade) and homemade sugar cookies. Even Bitty Baby joined in and had a "tea party" with them.

Zari said that the Bunny (not pictured here), which she named Violet, was hopping around looking for carrots and spinach. The Bunny is featured in the Bitty Baby and the Ballet picture book. The bunny is super soft and great for snuggling. Her fur is purple with fabric accents on the ears. She has an embroidered star shape with a heart cut out in the center of the bottom of her paw. She has a weighted bottom to help her sit.

Wish Star activity
The Wish Star activity involved the girls to, with the help of their moms, write a wish on the back of the provided star and then decorate it with the provided stickers. These wish stars could be punched out of the surrounding paper. They could then take their wish star home and hang their wish star in their bedrooms as a decoration.

coloring activity
The girls enjoyed coloring the American Girl Bitty Baby coloring pages that were provided. There were 3 different pages that they could pick from. I love the cute illustrations from the books that were on them.

Bitty Baby Ballerinas
The Bitty Baby Prima Ballerina Set is very well made. It is a fancy dance dress for the doll that is adorned with 10 rosettes and a silver ribbon tied in a bow with a puffy attached tutu. Includes pink ribbed sweater tights and satin ballet slippers with criss-cross straps. It is so adorable on the doll and is easy to get on and off. The slippers are made so that one will fit on the left foot and one will fit on the right.

Thank you American Girl, House Party, and everyone who came to her party for making Zari's day so special! :)
DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received product for free to facilitate my House Party and review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.


Erin Lowmaster said...

What a fun party! Maybe we'll be able to make the next one you host!

gahome2mom said...

Oh, what fun! I used to want to get the girls one of the American Girl Bitty Babies. lol