Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Smart Mom Malachite and Green Teething Bling Review and Gift Set Rafflecopter Giveaway

Earth Day and Mother's Day are just around the corner and I believe that Smart Mom Teething Bling are wonderful gifts for moms with little ones still teething. I also believe that the jewelry are also great for girls after that teething point too, not just moms. My almost 4 year old daughter also loves to wear my Teething Bling and I let her because I know it is safe. I also know that it is safe for my one year old daughter Zari to chew on and tug on. The pendants have a clasp that when tugged on will pop open without harm to the jewelry or the person wearing it and both the pendants and bangles are made of plastic that is food-safe, non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, latex, lead, and PVC free. They are also dishwasher-friendly.

I was sent the Malachite and Green Teething Bling Gift Set to review for my Spring Gift Guide and this set is absolutely gorgeous! The Malachite and Green Teething Bling Gift Set comes with the Malachite Pendant, the Peridot Bangle, and the Yellow Green Bangle. You can definitely get your GREEN on for Earth Day with this set! I love how the above picture turned out of my daughter Zari and I. My 9 year old son, Jaedan, took it while we lounged in the sun and the shade of my Magnolia tree. I thought it was a gorgeous spot because the white Magnolia petals were falling all around the tree, but the ground was a bit damp still from the morning dew and so I placed my husband's camouflage poncho liner beneath us to sit upon.

All of the Smart Mom Jewelry would be a wonderful gift this Spring for a mom to a small one or a mother to be. Teething/Teen Bling Pendants cost $15.99-$23.99, Bangles cost $12.99 individually. You can even design your own gift set of either 3 bangles ($28.75) of your choice or one pendant and two bangles ($34.00) of your choice.

Prize: Win a Gift Set of winners choice.

I am trying out Rafflecopter on my blog. Please click on this post link if you do not see the script for it below. Also, if there is anything that is wrong with it let me know by emailing me: finamoon AT gmail DOT com I will try my best at fixing it. Thanks for being awesome readers!

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Smart Mom, LLC for sending me product for free to review and one to give away for free. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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10nec05 said...

great blog<3

Found your page on Teething bling!

Linda Kish said...

I like the Amethyst and Pearl Gift Set

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

jjp said...

The Bronze and Onyx gift set!

Bridget Heiple Reich said...

I would like the design your own bangle gift set. I already own two teething bling necklaces and would love the bangles!

Bridget Heiple Reich said...

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GoodnessGraces said...

I love the peridot and pearl gift set.

Katrina said...

love the Pink Calcite and Cupcake Gift Set

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Ashley R said...

I'd love the Jade and Brown Gift Set!

Erin said...

I'd love the Malachite and Green Gift Set !

Stephanie Slater said...

I'd love the peridot and pearl!

Renee said...

Onyx and Pearl Gift Set would be nice.