Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day and Birthday Gifts

This year my Birthday and Mother's Day fell on the same day, May 10th. My Mother's Day gifts consisted of blueberry pancakes and french toast made by my oldest son in the morning, a beautiful handmade card and newly planted Marigold from Teela, and 6 garden beds full of new soil, herbs, tomatoes, vegetables, and strawberry plants from my husband. We had to majorly upscale the garden this year because we found last year that two beds don't really feed a family of 6 very well. We are also planning on putting in 6 more if we get around to it. The orchard we planted last year is in the background along with some chopped wood we are going to sell. Isn't it pretty!

We have raised bed gardens! Yay!

The card Teela handmade was absolutely adorable. The front had a heart glued on and on the inside she drew a forest scene with trees, nests of baby birds, mama and daddy birds, bees buzzing around a hive, butterflies, a sun, ladybug, bunnies, a deer, squirrel, and flowers. On the back she drew a heart filled with smaller hearts and three people holding it at the bottom, one person swinging off of it, and another climbing a ladder that goes to the top where you can apparently slide down a rainbow on the other side. Very clever :)

My Marigold plant and Mother's Day & Birthday Card from Teela.

My husband also took me to Burgerville in Kelso Washington so that I could participate in their annual free Mother's Day Strawberry Treat. They had a sundae and a shortcake you could pick from. I got the sundae this year. Yummy!

My Free Mother's Day Burgerville Strawberry Sundae. Yummy!

After I got my sundae and brought it home we ate my favorite Extreme Veggie artichoke pizza from our local Hometown Pizza and sang some My Little Karaoke with my family. I am really thankful for my family and grateful for everything they do for me.

How was your Mother's Day??


Janet Coffield said...

What a thoughtful family! Beautiful!

Erin said...

I can't wait to see how your garden beds do! :)

Terra Heck said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day and birthday! That sundae looks yummy.