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FishFlix.com Flight and Metamorphosis DVD Review

My family and I had the privilege of watching the FishFlix.com Flight AND Metamorphosis DVDs for this review to use in conjunction with my own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

FishFlix.com is a Christian based company that develops family-friendly movies. They have children's Christian movies, apologetics, educational, Christian history, biblical movies, dramas, romance, action and other feature films. They focus on bringing these wonderful wholesome films to their viewers.

My family are all fans of documentaries that teach about science and nature. Both Flight and Metamorphosis are two separate DVDs that are from The Design of Life series by Illustra Media.  This documentary series explores creation and helps make a scientific case for Intelligent Design. This is a step in a different direction than that of the usual Darwinian evolutionary science documentaries than we have seen in the past, making my job a little easier to try to explain the differences of opinion to my kids as my family doesn't subscribe to the belief that humans came from monkeys. These films are both around an hour long. They each have a narrator and speakers in different scientific fields of expertise that talk throughout the films about each subject. The footage taken for each documentary is amazing. They also take some of the footage and show you a perspective that cannot be seen with the naked eye through animation, microscope, and imaging software. The background music for each was very nice as well.

The Flight DVD is all about the wonders of bird's flight. It is the first volume in this series. It starts out with the egg and the developing embryo of a bird inside. We watch while it develops inside the egg, first just a few cells, then more until it starts to actually look like a bird. This is a complex and remarkable process in of itself. The bird finally hatches and the process of gearing up for first flight emerges. Flight for a bird is way more elaborate than one just sees from the outer surface. We get to see the inner workings of the birds with their skeletal, feather, and muscular structure and how very important these are for flight. I didn't know how intricate feathers really are until watching this film. After learning about how and why flight for birds works the film goes into three specific types of birds: the hummingbird, starling, and arctic tern. It talks about each of these birds and their unique characteristics: the hummingbird's unique flying skills, the starling's amazing acrobatic flight in groups, and the arctic tern's migration from pole to pole. As Flight closes it confirms Intelligent Design as being the only logical way that flight for birds happened.

The Metamorphosis DVD is all about the beauty and design of butterflies. It is the second volume in this series. In the film it shows the anatomy of a butterfly, how and where they lay their eggs, the emergence of a caterpillar, what caterpillars do most of their lives, the making of the chrysalis, the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, and Monarch migration. Both the complete transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly and the Monarch migration are very amazing things to behold! The fact that the caterpillar is made into a totally different insect is unfathomable especially if you try to factor natural selection in as a cause...you just can't, there is no way. There are way too many factors that happen perfectly every time for it to be something other than Intelligent Design. Butterflies cannot be formed by mere chance!

My family watched both of these DVDs together. We liked the spectacular footage and great musical scores used in both movies. These can be compared to something from National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. I love this type of high quality, family-friendly films and I cannot wait to see more of what FishFlix.com produces. We did notice that there was no mention of God in this film other than the words Intelligent agent/designer, but regardless of this these films have further cemented our belief in Intelligent Design. These are great for Christian based homeschooling. God's creations are so intricate and incredible!

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