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Egglo Entertainment for Easter Review

Some of Egglo Entertainment's products.

Easter is coming so soon! On April 5th of this year it is only about a month away. I love Easter and Spring-time and all the new things it brings. Speaking of things that are new, my daffodils are blooming, the Spring buds on my trees are growing, and one of my mother bunnies just had a litter of kits (bunnies). Before Easter I try to get into the true spirit of the season, Christ, how He died for us on the cross and was resurrected.

I love to fill my children with the same spirit. I have found to do that as a Christian it is hard in this mostly secular society for my children to not think of Easter as just a holiday about Easter: bunnies, candy, baskets, and egg hunts. This is where Egglo Entertainment comes in. Egglo Entertainment has an interactive program that celebrates Easter with Christ in mind. We received The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book, Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls, Egglo Bible Verse Scroll Stickers, and Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum to try out. Read my thoughts about them below...

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book ($9.99) - This brightly illustrated book introduces us to three children and their dog who are sucked into epic adventurous Easter egg treasure hunt. They travel to distant places to find glowing Easter eggs that have scrolls with Bible verses and riddles to help them on their journey. This fun book helps them understand what treasure we should actually be looking for on Easter, Christ (the light of the world)...the greatest treasure of all. This book is 40 pages and takes about 30 minutes to read all the way through.

My girls reading the book.

My 6 year old, Teela, loved reading the book to my 4 year old, Zari. It did take her longer than the half an hour to read though. My children loved the story, but it was a little long for Zari who got distracted and restless toward the end. This is a great addition to the Egglo Eggs and other products that Egglo Entertainment has to offer.

Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs.

Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($9.99) - These Easter eggs are really neat! They are hollow and come in two sections (front and back) that snap together fairly tightly so you can put other small treasures inside. They come in a box of 12, three of each color: blue, green, yellow, and pink. The blue and the green ones have a raised cross on the back and front. The pink and the yellow ones are blank for decorating with stickers.

Egglo Eggs getting recharged in the sun.

These glow-in-the-dark if you simply charge them up in any light. Of course, they glow best in total darkness. Fully charged, they will glow well for at least 45 minutes or longer. Egglo eggs should be charged by exposing to sunlight (for 20 minutes), black light or fluorescent (for 40 minutes) or incandescent light (for 50+ minutes). In my opinion sunlight seemed to charge them the best. Also of note, outdoor cold weather will diminish the glow effect. The glow of the eggs does diminish over time when they are in the dark so if your kids take too long to find them the eggs might only be giving off a faint glow which makes the hunt harder.

Egglo Egg Hunt.

We loved the symbolism of the Easter eggs. Based on John 1:5, the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. The theme of the eggs and their other products is all about following the light of Christ. It is great to emphasize this to your kids before the egg hunt. My older children loved hiding these for my two youngest to find. They were all excited about the hunt and afterwards wanted to do it again. We love that these can be reused over and over. I hope they hold their charge for many years to come so that we can make this a tradition and use these every year.

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls.

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.50) - These shiny paper scrolls come in a set of 12 and are designed to go inside each Egglo Egg. They have Biblical principals based on Bible verses on them that go with the curriculum and story book. You can, however; use these separately in other Easter eggs or on their own. These are rolled up tightly with a rubber band and when you undo them they don't stay flat for very long so you have to hold them open while reading. Try to tell your children to unroll these carefully as you don't want to have them ripped. I find these wonderful to use as scripture mastery in connection with the scriptures they point to in the Bible. My children had fun rolling out these to read them and it was an extra special treat to find inside each egg.

Egglo Bible Verse Scroll Stickers.

Egglo Bible Verse Scroll Stickers ($3.29) - These look very similar to the scripture scrolls, but are a flat sticker. The same Biblical principals are on these with the scripture they are based on. These come in a 12 pack and since they are pliable can fit inside each Egglo Egg if bent slightly to the curvature of the egg. These can also be used as a decoration and are great reminders to follow Christ. My children had fun opening the Egglo Eggs to find these inside each egg.

Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum.

Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum (via digital file) ($9.99) - This 62 page program guide and curriculum is a great addition to the Egglo Eggs and other products. It is loaded with wonderful resources to help your church make an even greater experience with the Egglo products for the youth of the congregation. You or your church can download it after purchase. I actually found that this was a fabulous resource for me also and I could see how this could be a fun guide for a Christian based homeschool group to use with the other items as well. There are guidelines, tips, suggestions, and ideas to help make this an egg-stra special event. These include: decoration ideas and printables, recipes, activities, printable color pages, devotionals, lessons, a question and answer section, visual aid ideas, printable invitations, printable discussion cards, a puzzle, cut outs, and printable posters. These guidelines are for a multi-generational program with suggestions for a few people to a huge crowd. I love that they have themed healthy snack options as well as the traditional sweets. I have an egg shaped gelatin mold that would be perfect for one of the recipes and I love the bagel and cucumber He is Risen tomb idea!

My family had so much fun with all of the Egglo Entertainment products we received to try out. My girls loved the story and eggs the most. This is such a great program to incorporate with your Easter celebration. The Christ-centered theme is a wonderful reminder of who we should place our focus on during Easter time.  

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