Friday, May 30, 2014

Ritual Tea How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life by Mario Zeleny Review

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I love tea. It soothes me and makes my day more enjoyable. Tea for me is an escape from the normal chaotic world. While drinking tea my body is in a meditative blissful state. I sip it while engaging in a quiet pastime, like listening to the birds sing or reading a good book. Tea is my medicine, not only when I am sick, but also when I need some relaxation or detox.

Ritual Tea by Mario Zeleny is a book that briefly touches on tea traditions, culture, rituals, history, uses, and benefits while telling us the 9 secrets of tea. These 9 secrets are insights that the author discovered himself while drinking in the wealth of tea information he compiled for this book. I believe that these secrets are truisms that we need to incorporate into our lives to make them fuller and more worthwhile. While some of these 9 secrets seem to me like an old friend, I have learned a lot in taking this journey in reading this book.

Some great bonuses are found in this book. My favorite gem is the tea and herb correspondence chart! This awesome cheat sheet of reference gives you a neat way of making up your own blends. It goes through and says what the intention is, colors, tea flavors, and spices and herbs to add. I also found it interesting to read about the similarities of tea to wine. Like wine, for example, the best way to know the quality of tea is through eyes, nose, and mouth.

This book was a thoroughly interesting read. I enjoyed learning more about tea very much. I recommend this book to tea lovers and enthusiasts or anyone wanting to know more about tea and the rituals surrounding it.



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