Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Magic Christmas Key Book and Santa's Magic Key Review and Giveaway

We received product free from Wendell August to facilitate this review. 

Have your kids ever asked you how Santa gets inside homes that don't have a chimney or fireplace? My littles have. I have always told them it is just magic and that I really didn't know anything more than that. I don't recall anywhere that we have lived with a chimney or fireplace. So these questions didn't really come as a surprise to me. Small children are inherently, naturally inquisitive.

Wendell August, the maker of heirloom-quality personalized metal gifts in the USA since 1923, is proud to bring the tradition of Santa's Magic Key to children across the globe.

More and more homes these days are being built without fireplaces and fireplaces are also being replaced with "more efficient" sources of heat. Where does that leave Santa then? For centuries he has used rooftops as landing places for his reindeer and sleigh. Chimneys and fireplaces were his primary transportation to the inside of homes to get gifts to the children. Santa has had to seek other options, get more creative with his methods, and call out some favors of his elves. This is why Santa's Magic Key was born.

Instructions: Hang Santa’s Magic Key on your front doorknob on Christmas Eve, enabling Santa to get inside your house when you don’t have a fireplace…the coals in the fire are too hot…or Santa has had a few too many Christmas cookies to fit down the chimney! When Santa has finished his Christmas Eve visit, he will place the key on your Christmas tree to be ready for next year.

To take the tradition even further, read the book about Santa's Magic Key, entitled "The Magic Christmas Key." It’s a story about a young boy named Andy, his trusty dog Rufus and his loveable family. He goes on a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of Santa's Magic Key and ends with some sound advice from Santa himself.

"Santa's Magic Key is a special gift that can be passed down from generation to generation," says Will Knecht, President of Wendell August. "It’s a heartwarming family tradition that reminds us that 'All things are possible when you believe.'"

This book has beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming story that is filled with wonder. My children enjoyed looking at the pages and me reading the book to them. The story has lots of words and does take some time to read, so make it a point to have time set aside for the occasion. My littles delighted in the excitement and magic of Santa Clause and his magic key. This story captures child-like wonder beautifully and reminds me of The Polar Express book.

The key itself is hand cast by Old Forge Pewter with Santa's Magic Key engraved in scrolly letters on the bow part of the key. The key comes with a red ribbon to hang the key with. This is wonderful to be used with the book as a keepsake and ornament.

The Magic Key and book are sold separately or together. Santa's Magic Key is 5 ½" long and retails for $25. "The Magic Christmas Key," written by Leann Smith and illustrated by Kip Richmond, is a 10 x 10” hardcover book and is available with the Magic Key in a keepsake box. The book and Magic Key sold together retail for $39.

Prize: The Magic Christmas Key Book and Santa's Magic Key

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We love baking cookies for family and friends!

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Going to the tree farm to find our tree.

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This looks like a really sweet book! I love setting out the nativity and Christmas village. :)