Monday, October 29, 2012

Dollar General Diapers Review

My littlest who just turned 2 is still in diapers. We have done cloth diapering before, but with the move to our farm house looming before us and everything kinda up in the air we have been using store bought ones to cut down on time until she is potty trained. We like to shop around and find the most affordable and yet still leak free option.

We usually get Cuddle Ups diapers because they are more affordable than name brand ones and do the job well, but you can only find them at WinCo Foods stores which are only in select areas of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona. I live in Oregon, but I love to know about other places you can get affordable diapers that work too just in case I am not near a WinCo Foods. If I happen to be out of town with my child and have a Dollar General around instead of a WinCo I will definitely get Dollar General's new line of Premium Diapers!

Dollar General has a new line of Premium Diapers that have gone through a major transformation and are now better than ever. They are more affordable than name brand diapers and are just as efficient or better depending upon the brand. I received a convenience pack (24 diapers) of their size 3 diapers to review for free along with a coupon booklet. I don't have a Dollar General around where I live, so the coupons of over $10 in savings for baby stuff are worthless to me, but If you have a DG near you and can use these coupons for baby stuff please let me know in the comment section. The first person that comments and tells me they can use these coupons from Dollar General for baby stuff gets them sent to them in the mail.

I like how the Dollar General diapers fit snugly, but not too snug they cut off circulation. These diapers are cottony soft and seem to be comfortable for my daughter to wear. My daughter is fairly active so I am glad these diapers move and flex with her. These also have very good tabs that grip well to the diaper. I also like how they are hypoallergenic with vitamin E and Aloe to help protect baby's skin. These diapers do not smell like baby powder and do not have any other scent to them. The soft, stretchy side panels hold leaks in well for both day and night. They absorb very well and lock the wetness away from the skin. We did not have any blowouts or leaks while using these diapers. They are very slim for less bulk in the diaper bag and on the tush :) The size is also printed on every diaper so that you don't get mixed up if you have more than one little one in diapers at a time. They also have cute zoo animals on them that are great for both boys and girls. They seem to work as well as WinCo diapers and better than other brands I have tried. If you don't like them after you've tried them they also have a 100% happy (money back) guaranteed on every package!

Here is the prices on size 3 DG diapers. Other sizes can be seen on their website. DG Baby Diapers Mega Pack Size 3 - 60ct $10.00 each or $30.00 3-unit case, DG Baby Diapers Big Pack Size 3 - 86ct $13.50 each, DG Baby Jumbo Diaper Size 3 - 36ct $6.00 each or $24.00 4-unit case, DG Baby Diapers Convenience Package- Size 3 - 24ct $4.50 each or $18.00 4-unit case. Like Dollar General on FB and get updates on coupons and savings. Get $5 off an order of $25 or more with coupon code SAVENOW

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Mom Bloggers Club and DG for sending me product for free to review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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esahm said...

Thanks for this info. I'd never thought about Dollar General for diapers, but with our 2nd little one in them, I may go pick up a pack and see how we like them. Way cheaper!