Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Fun at the Kalama Community Fair

We have been staying very busy having a lot of fun this summer with camps, summer reading programs, VBS (my kids are always invited by the neighbor kids), swimming lessons, staycations, field trips, fairs, and festivals.

We recently brought my girls to the Kalama Community Fair on July 20th this year. It is July 19th thru the 21nd, 2012. It is located every year at the Kalama Fairgrounds. Kalama, Washington is located in Cowlitz County on the Columbia River north of Vancouver, Washington and south of Kelso & Longview, Washington. Longview is right across the bridge from my home in Rainier, Oregon.

My girls had fun seeing all the animals and entries of yummy food, garden grown items, handmade things, art, etc. We have been to this fair before in previous years and it is always more down to earth and neighborly than some of the other fairs we have been to. I will always remember the photo I took of my daughter, Tatiana, with a friendly pony while we were there in August of 2008 it is one of my favorites.

This year my 4 year old daughter, Teela, entered the Chicken Chase. Before she signed up there was a lady handing out cake pops to all the younger kids and so Teela and Zari each got one. It was fun to watch her chase around all the chickens trying to capture one and bring it to the finish line. She was the first to catch one in her age group and she won the prize, a blue tube necklace that lit up and flashed. She was so happy.

We went to pet some horses, ponies and goats next and Zari was a little reluctant at first to pet them, but she warmed up after a while.

Here are websites about the Kalama Fair:
Kalama Community Fair
Kalama Fair Pictures
Kalama Fair Facebook Page


Grandma Juice said...

Looks Like a ton of fun!! One of the best parts of summer - FAIRS!!!! :)

Julie St. Thomas said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I haven't been to a fair like that in years :) So jealous right now! lol