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The Okee Dokee Brothers Can You Canoe? A Mississippi River Adventure Album Review and Giveaway

Can You Canoe? A Mississippi River Adventure Album by The Okee Dokee Brothers is a great album for the summertime or really anytime you want to get into the spirit of camping, canoeing, and the great outdoors. The songs in this CD and DVD are wonderfully lyrical with fun play on words. In this their first CD/DVD in The Okee Dokee Brothers' Adventure Album Series Justin Lansing on Banjo and Joe Mailander on the guitar paddle down the Mississippi in a canoe singing and camping along the way. I love their bluegrass, country, folk feel to their songs. This album is my favorite of theirs so far and I can't wait to listen to their next CD/DVD in the Adventure Album Series. Includes a CD, DVD and field journal.

Here is the Trailer to the DVD:

The DVD takes you up close and personal to see Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander and some of the other crew having boat barge loads of fun doing what the two do best...adventuring outdoors. The Okee Dokee Brothers are superb lyricists. In just 30 days while camping, canoeing, filming and writing they created this album containing 15 outstanding songs. The music videos and footage taken for the DVD are of their grand trip. My favorite parts are where they try to make a sail for their canoes and where they talk with Kenny Salwey, the self proclaimed "Last River Rat" who shares his wisdom with them.

Track Listing on the CD:
01. Can You Canoe?: A great song about canoeing and how the simplicity of it is grand.
02. Haul Away Joe: Based on a traditional song this version is about being a raftman.
03. Mr. & Mrs. Sippy: Such great play on words and personification in this one about the Mississippi River :)
04. Bullfrog Opera: Great song about comparing New York to camping outdoors in the South.
05. Rosita: A little bit of a Latin beat to this one about a mosquito.
06. Campin' Tent: Camp living in style.
07. Memphis Town: About a train going to take him to Memphis Town and all around.
08. Along for the Ride: About having a friend or companion to be there by your side.
09. Muddy River: Fun song about the countdown of going fishing on a muddy river.
10. Boatman's Dance: Upbeat song about the boatman's dance.
11. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O: Based on a traditional song that I remember singing at camp. I love this nice song that brings back memories.
12. Thousand Star Hotel: A great song about sleeping under the stars. You can see the making of this song on the DVD.
13. Brother: Upbeat song about being brothers.
14. Small and Simple: A slow song, singing me to sleep.
15. Roll On River: “The Mississippi river splits America in half, so to speak. And yet, it joins it together.” – Kenny Salwey – The Last River Rat

The Okee Dokee Brothers are fun to watch perform as well! With their beards, flannel shirts, overalls and instruments they're sure to be fun listening to around a campfire or even in a canoe :)

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