Monday, May 11, 2009

Lil Miss Dolls & Friends Review

I happened upon this very charming website the other day because they added me on twitter and I have to share with all of you! Katrina Marie is exceptionally talented! She makes these very cute mod looking stylish dolls and has been selling them and their patterns on Etsy and Artfire. Now she has just opened the doors to a new website about the dolls. She and her associates will be developing the website and adding more to it soon so stay tuned. Coming soon to the collection of seven girl dolls will be patterns and pre-made: clothing, Lil Sis dolls (which are smaller 18" dolls), Lil Pets (15" cloth toys), Friends (model friends and guy friends). You can even buy a kit so you won't have to spend your whole week looking for supplies to make the dolls or you could purchase a cottage license to sew and sell your own dolls. These dolls are safe for babies or children and are totally customizable to look like your child!! How cool is that!?

Anyway, for all you bloggers out there you can download a free pattern in PDF format for her Lil Miss MISSY Doll! Just make sure to spread the good word on your blogs about them. They also have the instructions on how to make the dolls on their tutorial webpage also as a free PDF download. So enjoy these freebies while you can!!


gahome2mom said...

Hi, Your article is great. Her dolls are too. She is very talented. Thanks for sharing. :)

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ConnieFoggles said...

Those are so adorable! And free instructions? Wow! Off to get my copy. Thanks so much!

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Little Lady Cakes said...

This make me pine for a little girl!
The dolls are so cute and age appropriate!

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