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Drive Thru History Adventures One Year Subscription Review

My entire family had the privilege of trying the one year subscription to great homeschool video curriculum from Drive Thru History Adventures for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Drive Thru History is a great series that makes history fun. There are three different captivating series to choose from: Bible History (The Gospels), American History, and Ancient History. These bring the history to life and engages the viewer in an exciting adventure and learning. These not only tell us about the history, but also the archaeology, geography, and art surrounding the people, places, and events that have defined our world and the Christian faith. These videos are shot on location to bring you an up close and personal view of what the tour guide wants you to learn.

Dave Stotts: entertaining tour guide for Drive Thru History.

Dave Stotts is our entertaining tour guide that hosts Drive Thru History. He has spent the last 20+ years in the professional film and documentary production which has taken him to nearly 30 countries to shoot and edit works. He loves shooting and editing films, videography, writing, media creation. Storytelling is the driving force behind his work.

Drive Thru History Adventures is an online subscription to all of the series. With the subscription you not only get the awesome video series to stream online. Each video is about 30-45 minutes long. The curriculum that goes along with each video is recommended for ages 12 and up, but the videos can be enjoyed by all, even younger ages, especially ages 5-11. You also have the opportunity to download study guides for homeschool which consist of a worksheet with discussion questions, an answer guide, and suggested readings, and additional online resources so that the history lessons can be a whole curriculum. This curriculum was not offered with just the physical DVDs. There is also a weekly update by email with new material added as well.

Drive Thru History Adventures Dashboard.

Once subscribed and logged in you will be directed to the Dashboard page. On the Dashboard you can take a glance at the Latest Resources (stuff that was just uploaded), Dave's Adventures (videos on how to use the curriculum, community, dashboard, etc.), Side Roads (short video tidbit detours about things in history), and Featured Videos (videos that Dave wants to share right now), along with the Facebook Group news feed.

Some of what the episode pages offer for curriculum.

Next is a pull down menu at the top of the page for the Curriculum. The Curriculum is divided into three parts: Bible History Adventures, American History Adventures, and Ancient History Adventures. Once you choose which course you can go to each episode page. This has the video, a quote from a famous person, Summary, Suggested Readings that are downloadable or readable using the online reader, Side Road, Discussion Questions, downloads to Worksheet and Discussion Questions, and Dig Deeper. These pages are also filled with full-color photos of paintings, statues, architecture, artifacts, etc. that are relevant to the lesson.

Bible History Adventures (“The Gospels: The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth”):
18 week course...
  • Episode 1: The Historical Landscape
  • Episode 2: The Announcements
  • Episode 3: Jesus is Born
  • Episode 4: Jesus Grows Up
  • Episode 5: Jesus Starts His Ministry
  • Episode 6: Jesus Returns to Galilee
  • Episode 7: Jesus Begins His Miracles
  • Episode 8: Jesus Teaches with Authority
  • Episode 9: The Sermon on the Mount
  • Episode 10: Jesus Travels the Sea of Galilee
  • Episode 11: Jesus Travels North
  • Episode 12: A Final Trip to Jerusalem
  • Episode 13: Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem
  • Episode 14: The Last Supper
  • Episode 15: The Trial of Jesus
  • Episode 16: The Crucifixion of Jesus
  • Episode 17: The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Episode 18: Who is Jesus?

American History Adventures (“Columbus to the Constitution”):
12 week course...
  • Episode 1: The Discovery
  • Episode 2: Pilgrim Search for Freedom
  • Episode 3: Beginnings of Revolution
  • Episode 4: Whitefield & Boston's Freedom Trail
  • Episode 5: William Penn & Early Philadelphia
  • Episode 6: Founding Fathers of Philadelphia
  • Episode 7: Fighters of the Revolution
  • Episode 8: Early Colonial Virginia
  • Episode 9: Founding Fathers of Virginia
  • Episode 10: Revolution in New York
  • Episode 11: New York and the First President
  • Episode 12: New Jersey and Epilogue

Ancient History Adventures (“Christianity and the Birth of Western Civilization”):
12 week course...
  • Episode 1: The Rise of Western Civilization 
  • Episode 2: The Age of Conflict 
  • Episode 3: A Time of Challenges 
  • Episode 4: Roots of Democracy 
  • Episode 5: Challenges of a New Religion 
  • Episode 6: The Spread of Christianity 
  • Episode 7: East Meets West 
  • Episode 8: Ruins and Romans 
  • Episode 9: The Advancement of Knowledge 
  • Episode 10: Heart of Stone 
  • Episode 11: Constantine and Constantinople 
  • Episode 12: The Best of the Ancient World

Drive Thru History Adventures Resources page.

The next pull down menu at the top of the page is for Resources. The Resources page includes: Featured content, Excerpt Papers, Articles, Side Roads, Getting Started, Behind The Scenes, Worksheets, Answer Guides, Suggested Readings, and Dig Deeper. This gives you all of this in one place so you don't have to search.

The next link at the top is for the Community page. This has feeds from their social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It also has a link for the Members Only Facebook Group so you can join once you subscribe to Drive Thru History Adventures.

After this the link at the top is Account. You can view your information here regarding your account: name, subscription status, purchase receipt, billing, and password.It also has an area you can ask questions about your subscription.

Adventures TV

Next link at the top is Adventures TV. This is Drive Thru History Adventures optimized for different platforms. You have the ability to watch the videos on your: TV with Chromecast, mobile device with iPhone, iPad, Android; and computer. This is included in the subscription of Drive Thru History Adventures.

Drive Thru History Adventures TV is optimized for use across many platforms.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

We love Drive Thru History and had a chance to review The Gospels physical DVD set from them. It was fabulous and so I knew that I wanted to participate in this as well. Our family was given the opportunity to review a section of the Drive Thru History Adventures homeschool history curriculum.

We chose to do the Ancient History Adventures. This is an amazing tour of ancient civilization and how Christianity played into the history leading up to the birth of western civilization. Dave takes us on a journey to explore early Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor. There are 12 episodes that consist of videos, discussion questions, articles and additional reading, worksheets, and images pertaining to what is being taught.

Ancient History Adventures episode lineup.

Each episode of these homeschool videos is packed with so much information. With his infectious enthusiasm and humor Dave's charm is irresistible. These episodes are also extremely visually engaging and full of rich content. Each episode is family-friendly, fascinating, intriguing, and compelling.

After each episode we have gone to the study guide as a family to read and discuss together about what we have learned throughout the weeks. Each episode page has the video and other stuff to delve even deeper into the lessons. The Drive Thru History Adventures have inspired us to dig into history as a family further. This has given us more of an appreciation of the history behind ancient civilizations. It has been eye opening to say the least.

Here is Dave Stotts introducing Drive Thru History Adventures...

I highly recommend The Drive Thru History Adventures! The homeschool Bible curriculum is great for families who wish to teach their children history from a Christian worldview. This series would be great for both  homeschooled and non-homeschooled. This is great for a small group study, homeschool curriculum, church study, Family Home Evening Bible study, and Sunday School study.

So...Buckle up and get ready because you are in for an exciting ride!

Drive Thru History Adventures sent us some cool fan memorabilia!

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You can choose monthly ($12.99 -  1 Month) or annual ($124.99 -  1 Year) subscription. Drive Thru History Adventures is having a special right now! They are offering a free set of The Gospels DVDs to those who join their Annual Subscription (US residents only)! Go here to see the special. Drive Thru History Adventures is also offering 20% off an annual subscription inside the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (Winter Edition). The ad and coupon code is on page 16.

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