Friday, July 4, 2014

WONKA Peel-a-Pop Frozen Dessert Pops Review #GotItFree #wonkapop

My girls with the WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™ promotional items we received with the coupons.
We received these products free from BzzAgent to facilitate this review.

We received these items in our BzzKit:
  • A coupon for a FREE (up to $4.49) 8-count box of WONKA PEEL-A-POP frozen dessert pops, redeemable at the local Kroger Co. store
  • A Wonka-fied whistle to let kids know when they can come running for a peelable pop
  • A WONKA branded beach ball and pair of sunglasses for outdoor summer fun
  • $1-off coupons to share with other parents who also shop at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores
  • A postcard explaining what to do with all the wacky items in my BzzKit

WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™ frozen dessert pops are a great summer snack! At only 70 calories per pop this whimsical treat won't make you feel guilty. We also liked these because at 13g total carbohydrates per pop these are great for my diabetic son as well! Did you know that the WONKA™ brand made more than just candy?

Your kids will go bananas for these frozen dessert pops because they are both tasty and fun to eat. The WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™ comes in two yummy varieties: vanilla grape and vanilla banana. What is super about these is that they can be peeled like a banana, but you can also eat the peel! To eat all you have to do is bite into it at the top, peel the outer coating like a banana, and enjoy.

WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™  vanilla grape flavor, peeled.

The combination of the peel and frozen pop are actually pretty good together. The peel is an interesting gummy gelatinous texture and even though it gets a little slimy on the outside as it warms up, it peels easily. My kids didn't have any problem with it being messy. Although the peel was fun and it added uniqueness to this product some of my kids didn't like the weird texture of it. It also has an inside that tastes very similar to frozen vanilla pudding. We tried the grape flavor and it was rather good in my opinion. My kids certainly enjoyed their experience eating them up.

Monkeying around eating  WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™.

You can find NEW WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™ frozen dessert pops in the ice cream aisle at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores. We only found the grape variety at our local Fred Meyer, so we didn't get to try the banana flavor. Others have found both varieties though easily.

Each 8-count box retails for a suggested price of $4.49.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Because I am a member of BzzAgent I received word of a BzzCampaign for the WONKA™ PEEL-A-POP™ products. I received these products free to facilitate my review. All information about the products I received from the media kit, the products and the WONKA™ website. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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Nicole Sanford said...

Yummy! We found these in the store the other day and I absolutely LOVE THEM. Great review! :)