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Mutineers by David Gray CD Review

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David Gray is a British singer-songwriter that brought us the popular song that was played on the radio, "Babylon". Maybe you heard it? Anyway, his newest album is called Mutineers and it is released to the public on June 17. This album is Gray’s tenth studio album and his first in four years. He wanted to do something he's never done, something truly unique to his previous works.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the album for free to review here. Unfortunately I didn't get the lyrics to these songs or a CD insert because it was a downloaded album. Some of the songs were a bit hard to make out the words to and since they are so new most don't have them typed up online to find either.

I really like his lyrical style. It is very down to Earth, poetic, and truthful. The words speak from the heart and have some profound meanings. David Gray sorta reminds me of a mix of Billy Joel and Elton John...probably because of the use of piano/keyboard in a lot of his pieces. David Gray has unique voice that is both rough and pleasant.

Here are some of my thoughts on my favorite tracks...

The first of the songs on the album is called "Back in The World" This song is really upbeat and joyful as it should be because the lyrics paint a picture of someone who was down on their luck, but everything is turning around and changing in a wonderful way. Very catchy and infectious tune also.

The third song and title of the album, "Mutineers", starts out with only piano, guitar and percussion and then unfolds from there. The main melody is played over and over in this piece, but is expanded upon. It grows exponentially at the end and has not only voice as well, but harmonica and techno/synth sounds.

"Beautiful Agony" reminds me of a Beatles piece. It has a familiar greatness to it and I could hear John Lennon singing this one as well.

I love the song "Last Summer" because of the strings in it. I am a sucker for a pretty string part and this one has a hauntingly gorgeous one tacked onto the end of it.

"Snow in Vegas" is a love song. I love the lyrics to this one...esp. about the million buck champagne, LOL! Even though I don't drink alcohol I still thought that lyric was funny. It made me laugh.

To me the "Birds of the High Arctic" is a sad song about breaking up and making mistakes. It is a very melancholy piece. You can here the birds calling out at the beginning and end if you listen closely.

"Gulls" has haunting piano and vocals. "This land belongs to the Gulls and the Gulls to the cry and the cry to the wind."

Mutineers Track Listing:
  1. Back in the World 
  2. As the Crow Flies 
  3. Mutineer 
  4. Beautiful Agony 
  5. Last Summer 
  6. Snow in Vegas 
  7. Cake and Eat It 
  8. Birds of the High Arctic 
  9. The Incredible 
  10. Girl Like You 
  11. Gulls 
Here is a sneak peak of one of the songs on the album...  

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Aug 01 - Boston
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Aug 15 - Cleveland
Aug 16 - Cincinnati
Aug 17 - Detroit
Aug 18 - Chicago
Aug 20 - Denver
Aug 21 - Salt Lake City
Aug 22 - Boise
Aug 23 - Troutdale (Portland), OR 
Aug 25 - Redmond, WA
Aug 26 - Vancouver, BC
Aug 28 - Oakland, CA
Aug 29 - Reno, NV
Aug 30 - Las Vegas
Aug 31 - San Diego
Sep 03 - Los Angeles

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