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Birthday Express My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party Review

We received this product free from Birthday/Celebrate Express to facilitate this review. 

April 15th was my daughter, Teela's, 6th birthday and I scheduled her party to be on the 26th. She wanted it to be My Little Pony Themed and so I arranged for Birthday Express to supply the party pack. We invited guests via Facebook events and homemade invitations that my daughter colored and drew herself.

Birthday Express My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Deluxe Party Pack and Favors for 16

We received the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Deluxe Party Pack and Favors for 16 on the 23rd which was well before the date of the party. That was absolutely perfect because we had ample amount of time to plan where things were going to be placed before the big day.

This is what the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Deluxe Party Pack and Favors for 16 included:
  • 16 Dinner & Dessert Plates
  • 16 Cups, Forks & Spoons
  • 32 Lunch Napkins
  • 2 Tablecovers, Foil Balloons & Centerpieces
  • 18 Balloons (3 colors)
  • 3 Curling Ribbon Rolls (3 colors)
  • 6 Crepe Paper (3 colors)
  • 16 Cake Candles
  • 16 Thank You Notes
  • 16 Paper Tiaras
  • 16 Favor Boxes with Favors
  • 1 Standard Size Personalized Banner (18" x 61")
  • This is an officially licensed My Little Pony product.

Birthday Express My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party Decorations

We set up everything the day of and it was perfect because I had arranged for the party to start at 3pm. I had the whole front half of the day to prepare and organize everything. The party table and decorations looked absolutely amazing! I didn't have helium, so I stuck the foil balloons on the sliding glass door with clear tape. We twisted three colors of crepe paper together for a tricolor effect and attached a different color balloon to each end and the middle. I hung the banner which was made of heavy vinyl above the window. I got to pick exactly what it would read and Birthday Express personalized it for me before it arrived. My son, Delbin, also made a small sign featuring the mane six's cutie marks to be placed over the switch for the fan so it wouldn't be a distraction for the kids at the party and he made a paper chain. I loved the cute centerpieces for the table and table cloth the most.

Decorated Birthday Express My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party Table.

Birthday Express My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party Favors

I loaded the guest's polka-dotted favor boxes with goodies that were supplied. The favors were awesome! I placed in each box a pink heart mirror, a pink brush, a rainbow ring, a rainbow star headband, candy necklaces, and a MLP blowout. I was very happy that the blowouts weren't noise makers. Then I decorated the boxes with the curling ribbon.

Delbin with a hat we had from a previous party: Unicorn Ring Toss

Teela's oldest brother Delbin was such a great sport and played along. He helped with the Unicorn Ring Toss game and pretended he was the unicorn with a pointed party hat we had left over from a previous party. I had these hoops that we used to try to loop over his "horn" :) The girls thought this was so much fun and lots of giggling was heard throughout.

Duck Duck Goose adaptation...Pony Pony Pegasus

The next game we played was a Duck Duck Goose adaptation we called Pony Pony Pegasus. We had the kids sit on the floor in a circle to play. The person who was "it" and the person they chose would run around the circle and try to take their seat. The person that got there first didn't have to be "it" the next time around. It held their attention for a while and then it was time for food.

Party Food

We had carrot cake squares with cream cheese frosting, strawberry shortcake, deviled eggs, finger sandwiches cut into heart shapes and a veggie/fruit platter with dip. We also had some apple juice for drinking. I know some of this isn't the most pony friendly food, but I did my best to cater to the masses ;)

Teela blowing out her candles.

We had Teela blow out her candles on her requested Strawberry Shortcake and sang her Happy Birthday Pinkie Pie style :) The food turned out to be a hit and was so yummy!

Teela's brothers having fun with the blowouts :)

Some of Teela's Gifts

After the food was cleaned up and the left over put away, it was time for Teela to open her presents. She received some awesome stuff! We got her the Twilight Sparkle hooded towel. The dress she is wearing is from her Nonnie. She also got some really fun MLP, Disney Princess, Barbie, and LEGO stuff. I love the Butterfly hair clips too! Of course it isn't about the is about friendships. This is why Friendship Is Magic!!

Teela and her Party Guests.

The guests had a lot of fun at the party and wanted to come back again. They loved the decorations, party food, and games. I was so glad they could join us and I want to thank them for making Teela's day so special.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free to facilitate my review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review. 

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