Monday, March 3, 2014

ShopperIncite Moms Life Moments Coupon Book Review and Offer

I am getting something in return complimentary for posting this information and received a free coupon booklet of my own to facilitate this review. All information was provided by ShopperIncite and PartnersHub. My thoughts are my own.

Having a child is such a very special "life moment". Moms spend a lot on their child's first years. A baby's needs can be very expensive. Coupons help keep more money in your pocket and let you stretch hard earned dollars to fit your budget.

But, who really has the time to find, collect, clip, and organize coupons, especially when you want to spend those precious moments with your newborn or baby? Coupons can be time consuming.

That's why the folks at ShopperIncite are giving away their Shopping Planner™ for New Moms – 100% free of charge – filled with great coupons moms love, all in one convenient place. And it's small enough to take with you anywhere! It fits into a purse or bag easily.

But it's really more than just a coupon book. At the end of the booklet it has a meal planner and shopping list. The pages are also filled with daily doses of tips, tricks and easy-to-make recipes. I love this part of the booklet too. It is so helpful. When you go grocery shopping it is great to have what you are going to make and a list of what you need right there at you fingertips.

You can "opt-in" to get a free coupon booklet of your very own. The more moms who sign up, the more brands with discounts ShopperIncite can offer later. After signing up you will get a new complementary coupon booklet every quarter filled with even more savings and offers.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I have received a free copy of the coupon book to help with my review and I will also receive a complimentary gift card valued anywhere between $10-$50 for posting. (Gift cards are randomly selected by Shopper Incite). Thanks to PartnersHub and ShopperIncite for providing me this promotion information and free product. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for posting this blog post.

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