Saturday, December 21, 2013

DIY Upcycled Ideas for Washing Machine Parts

We've replaced our clothes washer about 4-5 times (I lost count) this past year because of different things failing on them. One didn't agitate anymore, one soaked our floor as it died, one had its spider joint crack, and the others had similar issues. They were "Craigslist Specials" because frankly we couldn't afford brand new ones. We couldn't believe that we were going through so many washing machines because the first one lasted about 6 years.

I always try to look at the bright side of things when things just don't seem like they are going right. I try to have a "When life hands you lemons, make lemon-aide" kind of attitude.  I wanted to turn a bad situation into something good. This is what I came up with...

Top loading washing machine with the stainless steel drum exposed.
My husband taking the washing machine apart.
The stainless steel drum of our old washing machine (to be used as a fire pit or planter).
    Washing machine drum container gardening.
  • Upcycle a drum of a washing machine and use as a fire pit/BBQ, drink cooler, planter, seat, footstool, small end/coffee table or lamp/light! If you have a washer with a stainless steel drum/tub it will last longer for these projects than the other metals and plastic ones shouldn't be used for the fire pit. The drum has natural air holes for the oxygen to circulate while the fire is going for a fire pit. You can also set it on an old over sized metal dish from a Satellite TV provider. The stainless, metal or plastic drums can also be used as the perfect planter...just set a flat rock or affix a metal plate over the large hole in the bottom. It even has natural draining holes so that the soil doesn't get too soaked when you water your plant(s). You can also attach it easily to a DIY stand. Here are some other neat ideas for a seat and lamp and too!

Front loading washer glass door window.
Front loading washer glass window upcycled for a fruit bowl.
  • Upcycle the glass door window of a front loader to a stylish fruit or mixing bowl. Just take the glass bowl shaped window off the door, remove extra parts, clean it up, and voila...instant fruit bowl!
Front loading washer top upcycled to a magnetic board.
  • Upcycle a side or top piece of the washing machine for a magnetic or dry erase white board. This is great for use in your office or homeschool! My kids love this and since ours was the top piece of a front loader it has brackets at the top that you can use to hang it easily on the wall!
Washing machine hose upcycled as a water bucket filler.
  • Upcycle a washing machine hose to be used as a bucket filler for water. These hoses are shorter and easier to handle than a long gardening hose for this purpose...especially around the farm when buckets of water need filled daily. We also got some 2-way and 4-way faucet expanders/distributers/extenders at the hardware store to let us use the faucet water from the same spigot even while the washer is all hooked up and running.
  • Upcycle a washing machine into a chicken coop! This clothes dryer was even made into a chicken coop. I am sure a front loading washer could probably be used the same way.

These are my ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can get the plans for all of these projects by searching for them online. There are many different ways to make some of these. Choose the best suited for your own needs. You can also find tutorials on how to take your broken washing machine apart. Different makes and models come apart differently.

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." - John Wooden

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: If you do any of these projects I am not liable for any injuries that happen. Make your best judgement and try not to get hurt.


tara pittman said...

Such creative uses, I like the fruit bowl.I will do this when I have a big item.

Janet Coffield said...

You can use dry erase on there too. Magnets rock! :) Thanks for sharing.

Johan. said...

My mom had a old speed queen. I stripped the stainless drum out and is going to put leg's on it now to use it as a bbq.