Friday, May 11, 2012

My Birthday and Teela's Visit at her Babu's

My birthday was May 10th. I didn't get to do a lot because my husband was working, but here is a recap of my day.

Here is what my kids did: Jaedan made me breakfast in the morning. He made me a breakfast burrito with sauteed green peppers, potatoes, and cheese. It was very yummy! Delbin gave me a necklace he made and some pieces of really neat pottery he found to make a mosaic with. Teela came home from visiting her grandparents, Babu and Papa, and she got me a small pretty fabric gift bag and made me a card that she put in it. She also colored a picture of Pinky Pie (a My Little Pony) and while she was away made me the following special program called Teela's Visit to Babu's 2012...

My parents (aka Babu and Papa to my kids) took me shopping at Ross Dress For Less and I purchased 3 awesome shirts, a beautiful long missoni skirt and a Wilton Mini Rectangle Pie Press with money allotted for me from my husband for my birthday. I also received a very nice dress also from Ross Dress for Less from my parents.

After shopping for my birthday we then had a late picnic dinner with BBQ chicken and potato salad. My mom brought her yummy homemade cinnamon rolls that I ate this morning for breakfast :) I also received a $10 Amazon GC (just another great perk for being a Purex Insider) that came on my birthday from Purex in the mail (actually for Mother's Day, but a very nice treat anyway). My other gifts were a pretty Shamballa bracelet and a bronze floral deer necklace.

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SandyM204 said...

What an amazing birthday! Happy belated birthday wishes.