Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear MacGyver: Enclosed is a paper clip, a rubber band, and a drinking straw. Please save my sanity...

Sometimes I wish the extremely resourceful MacGyver could fix all my problems with everyday items that he has on hand. Quick fixes aren't always the best fixes though. With my busy, chaotic, hectic life it is a wonder that I make it through the day. We seem to lose ourselves in the shuffle we call everyday life. Sometimes we need to slow down and take time to enjoy the simple things.

I love to watch my daughter, Teela, explore the world. Everything fascinates her as she takes everything in. Little children are pure in heart and mind. Their innocence is so wonderful. They ask so many questions and absorb everything they learn like a sponge. We should all become as little children (Matthew 18:3)...humble, kind, gentle, honest, having faith and a thirst for knowledge, etc. Pray often.

It is hard to let go of stress. Do something that helps you relax such as: meditation, yoga, tai chi chuan, sipping tea, going to a favorite place (a spa, sauna, beach, quiet place, etc.); having a hot bubble bath, soothing jacuzzi, or massage; reading a good book, listening to nice music, watching a sunrise or sunset, taking a nap, laughing more, playing with your children, etc. Because it really is the simple things that make us enjoy life more.

I am not perfect by any means. My house is rarely spotless. I have laundry piled on my couch needing folded. I have dishes in my sink needing cleaned. I don't spend my time ironing clothes. I try my best to keep my kids faces and clothing clean but sometimes we go out into public and lo and behold they are messy. Those things can wait. They don't have to be done right away. My house doesn't need to be spotless all the time. My family deserves my time more and I deserve to spend my time with them instead of with a mop and bucket scrubbing floors.

I am glad to have a very supportive family and friends. God is also with me. They are, in my opinion, better than MacGyver. They have been with me through thick and thin and have helped me weather the many storms along the way. I thank them.

P.S. I had fun with the MacGyver photo above and placed my husband's face in it :) I hope ABC or Richard Dean Anderson isn't offended.

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