Monday, November 10, 2008

Bitty Braille Review

My daughter, Tatiana, received a Bitty Braille short sleeve tee in lavender with her name on it. These are beautifully hand- embroidered and the lovely purple faceted studs just set it off gorgeously.

Bitty Braille tees feature simple "kid-friendly" words set in Braille type in either sparkly faceted metal studs for the girls or simple metal studs for the boys. The translation is hand-embroidered underneath in a simple print or cursive. They make great gifts for showers, birthdays or whenever a unique gift is needed.

I would change one little thing if I were doing the names on the tees. I would have the first letter of the name capitalized in both the braille and hand-embroidery. My daughter, Tatiana, is totally blind and so I have learned braille by taking courses through Hadley School for the Blind with their Family Education Program. When you write names in braille you use a capital sign in front of the first letter of the name. Tatiana's first name would actually read like this in braille...

My daughter also received a set of their new Braille Alphabet Tiles. These, although smaller than what I expected, are very well made. I am going to use them to teach my other children braille. As a homeschooling mother any opportunity to teach good things is wonderfully received! These are a great teaching tool! If you get more than one set you can spell more complex words with them. I think these would also be great as fridge magnets because of their size.

Bitty Braille donates 10% of every sale to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB).

You can go to this website by the American Foundation for the Blind and make your name into braille. You can also do whole sentences with punctuation.


RedDahlia said...

The shirt is very cute and such a wonderful idea!

Kineret WillowGreene said...

What a great picture of Tatiana!