Saturday, June 30, 2007

Extracurricular Activities and Field Trips

Since I am starting to homeschool my children I feel the need for them to be in some extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, art, drama, music, scouting, dance, home economics (cooking, sewing, etc.), language, and various clubs, are an important part of education. I think that my oldest son would benefit from doing some kind of martial art (I am thinking maybe Karate) because he needs the discipline it teaches. My youngest son needs something that will put some of his overabundant energies into good use. Maybe something like gymnastics (tumbling) or some other sport. My daughter would probably love some kind of music therapy...possibly something like Kindermusik, Gymboree, or Music Together and/or some kind of animal therapy...maybe with a hypoallergenic dog or a mini pony. I also want to start my boys in swimming classes, a 4-H club, and Boyscouts when the time comes.

I also love incorporating field trips to museums, zoos, farms, aquariums, aviaries, fish hatcheries, the ocean, parks and recreation, playgrounds, historical sights, monuments, factories, libraries, observatories, sanctuaries, nature centers, gardens, orchards, greenhouses, pumpkin patches, hospitals, fire stations, planetariums, etc. These are such awesome places of learning.

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